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You feel vulnerable? Wait a few more years for their last performance and their final bow, you’ll know what being vulnerable is for real.


i see no liesimage

fuck her right in the pussy

Niall’s the most attached one to the band. He just won’t shut up about their anniversary and all they went through. He’s a sweetheart.


it’s scary to think that harry actually got mad because he’s always so nice and gentle like do u know how fucking annoying and disrespectful u gotta be to get him mad like wow


Just for the record in case anyone forgot, stalking and harassment is illegal and if you engage in it and get called out on it, good. Celebrities don’t exist for your personal entertainment. The are actual people, who deserve the same respect as you or I. So next time you think about doing something stupid to meet your idol you claim to respect, don’t.


remember last year when Harry organised a huge black tie party for Louis birthday 10 days earlier because he knew he wont be there on the 24th


and we all cried tears of joy because he’s been planning this for a weeks


and they wore matching shirts


and we got a very few low quality photos and they are probably leaked




and that was how we died.